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We all come in contact with people and energies every day; good and bad. These energies attach to us, affecting our auras and energy levels and eventually making their way into our home and the spaces where we spend most of our time. The same way we physically cleanse our bodies with showers after a long day, we must do metaphysically as well. Cleansing our inner energy and the energy in the spaces around us is a crucial part of eliminating bad energy and bringing in positive energy - clearing the path to set our intentions and allow the universe to do its work. 


This magical candle set provides everything you need for the ultimate energy cleanse. We highly recommend burning these 3 candles each month, especially every moon month. Visit each candle's page for our recommended guided meditation.


Candle Set includes:

Cleanse - Cleanse your chakra of negative energy, leaving room for only positive energy.

Purify - Rid your home and workspaces of negative energy.

Sanctuary - Protect yourself against bad energy and enemies.

Ultimate Cleanse - Candle Set

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