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Healing Herbs

The magical power of plants is a secret that has been guarded from time immemorial by a special caste of people: sorcerers, priests, healers.  It happened so not by chance, because the power of plants secretly helped people in healing, could influence the inner experiences of a person, open paths to unknown worlds and immerse the body and mind in the right state.


They can create a single energy field, as well as hold it for a certain time.  The use by a person of correctly collected herbs and also correctly made tinctures from it will help to connect with the general energy field of the plants used.  And such strength helps to achieve a lot.


The complex use of herbs guarantees literally the creation of a miracle.  For example, ingestion, the use of ointments or taking herbal baths will ensure the removal of spoilage, and fumigation forms such an informational component in which the negative program simply will not have a chance - it will “dissolve” from inside and outside.


Several herbs tend to absorb individual flows of Force from the energy field.  This makes it possible for one herb to treat the disease of the body, and the other to treat magical negativity.  There are also plants that completely absorb the entire flow of energy.  The former should be used “pointwise”, affecting a certain area of ​​human life, while the others should be used in a complex way, solving several problems at once.


Almost any magical herb can be used in a bath or floor wash, according to its purposes, but the most common bath and floor wash herbs are these:


 Broom Straws for spiritual cleaning of a building.

Cinnamon to draw money to the self or the premises.

Eucalyptus to break jinxes and drive off evil people.

Hyssop to cleanse a person from sin.

Lavender for love drawing.

Lemon Grass for spiritual cleaning of a building.

 Nutmeg to bring money to the self or the premises.

Oak Bark for spiritual cleansing and health.

Pine Needles to remove mental negativity.

Red Pepper to take off jinxes and for protection.

Rose Petals for love drawing.

Rue for protection from envy and from enemies.

Sassafras for money drawing and for health.

Sugar to draw in luck to the self or the premises.

Wahoo Root Bark for uncrossing and jinx-removal.

Walnuts to fall out of love or break a love-obsession.

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