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Sacred Oils

The whole history of mankind is literally saturated with oils through and through. The school of aromatherapy was born already oldest in the 9th century in Moorish Spain. But references to the use of essential oils are found much earlier: the ancient Romans, Chinese, Egyptians even before our era took specially prepared baths and enjoyed the fragrance of herbs and flowers.


Aromatherapy is recognized as an alternative medicine. Smells have been treated for a long time. Oils were also used to heal wounds, burns, and various diseases. And in the last century, they were considered as a replacement for antibiotics.


Essential oils easily affect the emotional sphere. This is a barely noticeable process, almost imperceptible, but effective. Fragrances help us to regulate mood, memory, wakefulness, relaxation and also influence others. For example, to attract the attention of the opposite sex.


Man knows the magical properties of oils. They were used in spiritual practices and rituals to attract happiness, love, health and wealth.


Acacia: This is the oil of Zeus, Obatala, Ra, Basta, solar deities. Acacia oil is considered sacred and is used for cleansing or anointing.

To create contact with the deceased, it is rubbed into white candles. Rubbing a mixture of oils of acacia, camellia and musk, taken in equal proportions, brings happiness.


Basil: This is the oil of Mars. The smell of basil creates sympathy between two people, so it is worn to avoid major confrontations.  Basil essential oil is useful in blends that support happiness and peace, as well as stimulating the mind.  It has been used successfully in money-attracting magical oils, which may explain why prostitutes in Spain once wore it to attract clients. Basil is also a passion plant.  Eat it to increase sexual appetite.  Burned - to enhance sexual pleasure.  You can put basil leaves under the bed to infuse a relationship with a partner with passion.


On Tuesdays, basil is eaten to strengthen physical strength.

On Wednesdays - to open channels of communication.

According to Hindu beliefs, basil has protective properties. In India, basil is associated with the dogs of Krishna and Vishnu.


Benzoyl: Thick essential oil with a natural vanilla scent.  Dilute it and rub it on the body to enhance personal strength.  In addition, it awakens the mind.


Bergamot: Moon oil. The American Indians added bergamot to their censers during rituals of invoking spirits, in which visions occur.

One of the best protective equipment: warns us of possible troubles, helps to avoid them.  Protects while traveling. Drink bergamot tea if you feel in danger. Protective candles are rubbed with bergamot oil on Monday evening.


Black Pepper: Use it to protect and strengthen courage.  This oil has a pungent sweet smell.  It is better to add it in a mixture than to wear it separately, even diluted.


Chamomile: It has a fruity, surprisingly rich aroma.  Use small amounts of chamomile essential oil to meditate and bring peace.  Expensive but worth it!


Carnation Flower: Carnations are used to remove negative energy and curses. Solve love problems. To cleanse the body, cover it with flowers from top to bottom.  When you reach the feet, break the stems so that the trapped negative energy cannot escape. To stabilize your love life, add white or red cloves (or their oil) to your bath. Carnation flower relieves winter depression. Red carnations on the altar raise your energy level and add optimism.


Camphor: Great for cleansing and helps to keep the vow of celibacy.


Cardamom: Delightfully spicy, cardamom essential oil provides a wonderful boost of energy for love and sexuality-oriented formulas.


Cedar: This essential oil has a forest-like scent. Its energy helps in the development of spirituality.


Cypress: It is an essential oil of blessing, sanctification and protection.  Its unique aroma stimulates recovery and eases the pain of loss of all kinds.


Coriander: This essential oil works well in love and healing blends.


Cinnamon: Natural cinnamon oil irritates the skin.  Use in small doses in mixtures that attract money and strengthen the subconscious - no more than one drop! Since ancient Egypt, Rome, China, cinnamon has been used to decorate and cleanse temples. In the Book of Exodus, Moses was told to include cinnamon in the sacred anointing oil.


Clove: Strong irritant.  Add one drop to 1/8 cup base oil.  Helps to gain courage and protection. Cloves are used in magical recipes for command, coercion and control. To pay back money that someone owes you, chew a whole clove.  At the same time, visualize the return of the debt.  When the picture is complete, spit out the clove. Ground clove is added to recipes to enhance the effect. For sexual indefatigability, clove oil is rubbed into the thigh.


Citronella: Credited with the ability to protect and cleanse the aura, increase the vitality of a person in magic. The indigenous people of America use citronella during cleansing rituals. Citronella stimulates the neck chakra responsible for communication.


Eucalyptus: Probably the most healing oil.  Add to all healing mixtures.  They can be rubbed on the body to relieve a cold (in this case, dilution is not required).  Use also in cleansing blends.


Fennel: Magical connections with Fire. Ancient Greeks believed that knowledge comes to man from the gods in the form of coal on a fennel stalk.


Galangal Root: A means of getting rid of bad habits. Chewing galangal root reduces appetite and reduces the need for nicotine. The root put in the pocket affects the jury in the trial. To increase your legal capacity, rub oil or powder on purple candles.


Galbanum: It is one of the ingredients of sacred biblical incense burnt in Solomon's temple. This incense lifts the soul to heaven.

Galbanum oil is rubbed on the body to ground the spirit and receive religious revelation.


Gardenia: Invokes the power of the full moon. Gardenia flowers floating in the water on the altar improve psychic abilities. Gardenia oil used in the bath increases strength and influence. Used in love potions to attract the attention of another person and stimulate sympathy.  To do this, the powder is ground and rubbed into the skin before meeting with the chosen person. Or sprinkle this powder on the threshold that a person will step over.


Grapefruit: A powerful cleanser and is added to cleansing blends.


Ginger: Very spicy.  Ginger essential oil helps in mixtures that develop sexuality, love, courage, and attract money.


Heather: Oil of Hestia, Vesta. Protects against unwanted sexual harassment with a heather flower carried with you. Heather soothes passions.  To eliminate sexual addiction, you can take a bath with heather flowers during the waning moon. Heather perfume (oil) can be used to turn love relationships into friendship. To bless the house, heather flowers are added to the water when washing floors. To calm the despotic boss, scatter heather flowers around his workplace.


Incense: It has an incredibly rich aroma, helps in the development of spirituality and meditative states.  Before use on the skin should be diluted, may be an irritant. In ancient Babylon, incense was considered sacred, and its aroma was used to purify the soul. At noon, the ancient Egyptians burned incense in their temples, symbolizing the movement of the Sun God Ra across the sky. 


Juniper: Used in protective, cleansing and healing mixtures. In Scotland, juniper buds were hung over the door at the entrance to a farm and placed in animal stalls on the eve of May Day to ward off witches and evil spirits. The foresters of Wales have always kept the juniper trees intact.  It was believed that the person who cut down this tree would fail all year or die.


Jasmine: Symbol of the Moon and night mysteries.  Jasmine essential oil (or absolute) has a wonderful stimulating aroma.  Although it is terribly expensive, one precious drop is enough to add to mixtures that attract love, peace, develop the subconscious and spirituality.  It also helps in enhancing sexuality. Avoid synthetic jasmine. Dry jasmine petals are a traditional component of talisman bags that attract love. In ancient times, burning jasmine leaves were believed to bring wealth.  If you burn them in the bedroom, they will bring prophetic dreams.


Lavender: This refreshing oil is commonly included in health, love, peace, and consciousness-oriented formulas. The sacred smell of lavender is dedicated to the Celtic month of the Willow Moon (from April 15 to May 13).  Lavender, collected during the full moon, has increased magical properties. The Romans burned lavender on hot coals to protect a newborn baby and his mother. The ancient Greeks dedicated Lavender to the goddess Hecate, the patroness of witches, sorcerers and sorcery. Medieval monks carried a sprig of lavender with them to scare away evil spirits.


Lime: It has a refreshing scent and is used for cleansing and protection.


Lemon: Used in moon oils.  Wear diluted lemon oil during the Full Moon to attune to the energies of the Moon.  Add to cleansing and healing oils. In the Middle Ages, lemon oil was used in the manufacture of amulets that brought good luck.


Lippia Lemon: Often sold under the name simply "Verbena".  With a full, rich lemon scent, this essential oil works great in love blends.


Lemongrass: Enhances the subconscious and is also useful in cleansing blends.


Marjoram: Used for protection and was considered a symbol of joy. The brides and grooms of Greece and Rome decorated themselves with marjoram garlands so that their marriage would bring happiness and wealth. In medieval Britain, milkmaids hung bouquets of wild marjoram in the barnyard to protect milk from thunder and goblins turning it into kefir.


Mandarin: Possesses the smell of the energy impregnated with forces of the sun.  Add tangerine oil to mixtures that attract strength and power.


Myrrh: This essential oil can be added to blends designed to enhance spirituality and meditation.  It is also often used in medicinal mixtures.


Niaouli: The exotic scent of niaouli essential oil pairs beautifully with protective formulas.


Neroli: Also known as Orange Blossom Essential Oil. It has an incredibly rich citrus aroma.  This oil is quite expensive.  However, one drop added to a mixture of happiness and cleansing works wonders.


Orange: The oil of Buddha, Venus, Juno. In China, the orange is a symbol of gold and prosperity.  To increase wealth and prosperity, an orange is used as an offering to the Buddha. It has a rich sunny smell; it is added to cleansing mixtures. Both the flower and the fruit are symbols of true love.  Jupiter gave Juno an orange flower. In rituals of love and fidelity, white or red candles are rubbed with orange oil or surrounded by peel, orange flowers.


Pine: The resinous scent of pine is commonly added to formulas focused on cleansing, protection, money, and healing.


Pink Geranium (Geranium): A strong protector.  Carry diluted with you or add to happiness-attracting blends.


Peppermint: This familiar scent works great in cleansing blends. Rub on walls, floors, furniture to clean the room and get rid of negative energy. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that mint was able to "ignite the heart of a man." Therefore, bedrooms were often decorated with mint leaves. Fragrant leaves were placed on the pillow to attract good dreams.


Patchouli: Useful in mixtures that attract money, develop sexuality and physical energy.  It can also be worn diluted for the same purposes.


Rosemary: Familiar scent of a culinary herb.  Add to love and healing magic blends.

 At weddings, rosemary was dipped in fragrant water, then woven into the bride's wreath.  A branch of rosemary, dyed gold and tied with multi-colored silk ribbons, was presented to guests as a symbol of love and fidelity. At funerals, mourners would place rosemary branches on the coffin before being buried in the ground.  This tradition is still preserved in some parts of Wales. It is believed that rosemary grows in abundance in those places where a woman rules the house. In Spain and Italy, rosemary was used as the main remedy for witches and evil spirits. The Sicilians believe that young fairies, turning into snakes, hide in rosemary thickets.


Rose: A love scent.  Natural rose essential oil (known as "otto") and rose absolute (another form) are expensive, but as with jasmine, one drop has strong aromatic qualities.  Rose essential oil is used in formulas designed to attract love, provide peace and enhance beauty.  Avoid synthetic options.


Sandalwood: This ancient, sacred scent is used for meditation, spirituality, sexuality and healing formulas.  You can dilute and wear to concentrate these influences in yourself. The scent of sandalwood stimulates the seventh chakra, enhancing spirituality and helping self-definition. In the Ayurvedic tradition of healing, sandalwood increases energy.  The burning of sandalwood during the full moon awakens the atmosphere of the spirit in the house.

 Sandalwood: burning at the threshold, welcomes guests, instilling in them a good attitude towards the house and encouraging them to leave all doubts and worries at the door. You can write your wish on a piece of sandalwood and throw it into the incense burner. 


Sporobolus: Unique essential oil. The smell of sporobolus is a combination of citrus and rose.  Works well in love and healing blends.


Vanilla: Venus’s oil. The smell of vanilla enhances sensuality and sexual appetite.  Vanilla essential oil can be used for incense in the bedroom. Vanilla attracts happiness. To enhance your personal charm, vanilla oil can be worn as a perfume or added to a bath.


Verbena: Oil of Venus and Celtic goddesses. It is used for spiritual cleansing, energy replenishment. A mixture of verbena, cinnamon and patchouli oils is a recipe for love attraction. Verbena perfumes or a burned plant were used to open a channel of communication with God and Goddess (religion of neo-paganism - Wicca). Verbena is suitable for washing an altar or temple before magical work.  It charges the room and raises the consciousness of all who enter it to a higher level. Verbena is used in spells for protection, love, and immortality.

If you grow it on your own land, then it brings prosperity to the house. For cleansing before the sacred ritual: take a bath with lemon verbena oil; wash the floors by adding lemon verbena oil to the water. Verbena can be added to love potions and money potions to speed up results and remove obstacles.


Vetiver: The smell of money.  Add it to such mixtures or dilute it and carry it with you.  Lubricate money with it before you spend it. The scent of vetiver attracts good luck in business and love. For the beloved to stay, they rub a brown candle with vetiver oil. Used to protect against enemies.  To do this, the vetiver root is placed in a protective bag. Sprinkle vetiver powder around a purple candle to attract power and success.


Yarrow: One of the earth's true treasures, yarrow essential oil has a natural blue color and an amazing aroma.  It can be added in small quantities in mixtures oriented towards love, courage and the subconscious.

In the Middle Ages, fennel was placed in the keyhole to protect the house from spirits and ghosts.


Ylang Ylang: The rich tropical aroma of this essential oil is helpful in promoting love, peace and sexuality.  It can be worn on the body, or it can be added to mixtures for a similar purpose. In Indonesia, flowers are sprinkled on newlyweds' beds. If someone gives ylang-ylang flowers as a gift, it is considered a declaration of love. Ylang-ylang is used in magical love compositions. It is believed that a wreath of ylang-ylang flowers provides reliable protection from evil spirits. A mixture of coconut oil and ylang-ylang oil was used to exorcise evil spirits from a person possessed by them.

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