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The powerful energy of this candle will create a strong aura shell which will protect you from negativity during the lunar month. It is highly recommended to use this candle following the “Cleanse Energy and Remove Blocks” candle at the end of every moon month or before attracting new intentions. Made with a special protection oil blend, white sage, lavender, rosemary, geranium and amber.


Guided Meditation 

Light the candle, sit comfortably and listen to a protection mantra of your choice. Close your eyes and begin to imagine a magical shield starting to form around you. Imagine how this shield grows greater. Sit and meditate as long as you like. Then slowly open your eyes and come back to reality feeling protected and confident.



This candle contains a blend of natural essential oils, herbs and gemstones, collected from magical locations around the world. Using magical spells to instill healing and protection. Explore our Guide to Staying Aligned to maximize your experience.


Weight : 450g/1lb


Height: 3.5”

Diameter: 3.06”


Tax and shipping not included.

Orders are shipped within 5 to 7 business days.

Protection From Bad Energy & Enemies

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