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This magical candle carries a very masculine energy but can be used by both men and women. We lose energy and courage as we strive for our goals each day. This magic candle is intended to help you increase your force and power, giving you the strength and positive energy needed to reach your goals. Made with a special masculine magic oil blend, amber, teakwood, and dragon's blood.


Guided Meditation

Light the candle and sit comfortably. Listen to the masculine energy mantra of your choice. Close your eyes and imagine a powerful masculine energy coming into your body from your tailbone to your crown chakra.



This candle contains a blend of natural essential oils, herbs and gemstones, collected from magical locations around the world. Using magical spells to instill healing and protection. Explore our Guide to Staying Aligned to maximize your experience.


Weight : 450g/1lb


Height: 3.5”

Diameter: 3.06”


Tax and shipping not included.

Orders are shipped within 5 to 7 business days.

Force & Power

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