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When our energy levels are low, our immune system can begin to plummet along with it. The deeper we fall into negative thoughts, bad habits, stressors, and destructive settings, the more our energy levels decrease, and the dense shell of our aura breaks down - leaving room for illnesses and diseases to enter our bodies. This magical candle helps to remove negativity from your aura and rebuild its protection shell. This health & wellness candle can be used to fight an existing illness or to fight illnesses that arise due to negative energy we come across daily. Made with a secret love oil blend, peppermint, eucalyptus, pine and sage.


Guided Meditation

Light the candle and sit comfortably. Listen to the health mantra of your choice. Close your eyes and imagine all negative energy and illnesses leaving your body. Visualize your aura shell being restored to block all negative energy and illnesses.



This candle contains a blend of natural essential oils, herbs and gemstones, collected from magical locations around the world. Using magical spells to instill healing and protection. Explore our Guide to Staying Aligned to maximize your experience.


Weight : 450g/1lb


Height: 3.5”

Diameter: 3.06”


Tax and shipping not included.

Orders are shipped within 5 to 7 business days.

Health & Wellness

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