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Attract your perfect mate or strengthen the harmony in an existing relationship through powerful love magic. This magical candle helps to clear the obstacles in the way of you attracting the mate of your dreams. This magical candle does not guarantee that you will find your soulmate immediately. Spiritual practices require time and patience. Attract the perfect mate you desire through the power of meditation and manifestation in conjunction with this candle. Use these practices to keep the love and harmony alive in an existing relationship too. Made with rose, vanilla, white sage, jasmine, lavender, orange, chamomile and a secret love oil blend.


Guided Meditation

Attract Your Perfect Mate

Light the candle and sit comfortably. Listen to the love mantra of your choice. Write a list of traits and characteristics you desire in your perfect mate. Write down every detail. From how that person looks to how you’d like your relationship to be. The more detailed you are, the more the universe will hear you and your desires will manifest. Write all of this in present tense. As if it is all already reality. Read this list out loud every time you meditate with the magical candle and visualize your perfect mate – manifesting them into your life.


Keep Love & Harmony Alive in A Relationship

Light the candle and sit comfortably. Listen to the love mantra of your choice. Close your eyes and think about amazing times that you’ve experienced with your partner. Could be traveling, visiting new places, making love, or any romantic situation. Feel the energy of those situations. If you've had conflicts, this is the time to forgive and try to understand your partner. Manifest only love and happiness in this moment of meditation.



This candle contains a blend of natural essential oils, herbs and gemstones, collected from magical locations around the world. Using magical spells to instill healing and protection. Explore our Guide to Staying Aligned to maximize your experience.


Weight : 450g/1lb


Height: 3.5”

Diameter: 3.06”


Tax and shipping not included.

Orders are shipped within 5 to 7 business days.


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