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​first lunar day The symbol is a lamp Stones of this moon day : diamond, rock crystal The first lunar day is the basis of the entire cycle Candles: LOVE, WEALTH, WELLNESS, GOOD LUCK ETC anything what you wanna attract into your life (add links to relax, love, bloom, sensual, desire, strength, luck, wealth) Day of ideas, plans. What we plan on this day will tend to be implemented throughout the entire lunar month. The first lunar day is always fickle. It can last a couple of hours, or it can cover a completely lunar day. In any case, it is characterized as a day of planning for the future. Think about what you would like to do in the next thirty days. Perhaps a project is being prepared at work? Or have you been wanting to start going to the gym for a long time? Or write a book? Consider all your plans, you can even sketch out a draft of their implementation. But don't do anything just yet! The lunar month has just begun, you will not have enough energy for the instant implementation of your plan. Now you need to relax as much as possible and plan your actions for the next month. In the implementation of desires helps their visualization. Mentally draw the result of your actions, imagine what you want to get within a month. Then the cosmic forces will help you and fulfill your desire. On this day, the energy of the head, thoughts is strong. Of course, your plans must be positive. You can not wish someone pain or death, plan revenge or any action that harms a living being. Nature reacts extremely negatively to such intentions, your plans can turn against you. It is in such cases that it is advised to be afraid of what you desire. Health and Nutrition The body feels tired, it lacks strength. On the basis of energy depletion, stress can arise. Therefore, do not aggravate the situation with alcohol and physical activity. Leave grueling workouts for more prosperous days, like holidays or parties that involve drinking a lot of alcohol. It is also not recommended to eat spicy and very hot food. It is better to postpone operations, unless they are urgent and your future life does not depend on the timing of their implementation. Love and communication Try not to quarrel with others, and if you are already in a quarrel with someone, put up. Keep promises, even if they were made a long time ago. This increases the chances for the implementation of your plans, because you are spiritually cleansed and start the lunar month with positive emotions. Work and creativity It is better to refrain from concluding important transactions, solving financial issues. You can do science, art, decide on creative plans for the future - they will certainly come true if you properly manage lunar energy. Those born on this day have great spiritual strength. His life will certainly be very interesting and vibrant. People on the first lunar day are capable of a feat, but they never think it through in advance, joining in unexpectedly. They are always inspired by something, but not everyone achieves their goal. Marriage this moon day: Marriage is not recommended on the new moon, but planning a wedding is possible and even useful. Haircut this moon day : Postpone and going to the hairdresser is, of course, not a medical operation, but cutting hair on a new moon is highly discouraged.

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